About Just Bangles

About Just Bangles

Hi, I'm Annie and I love jewellery

I have lived in Queensland for over 30 years. A few decades ago I used to make leather bracelets – choices of colour? Black and Brown! Clasps? Pinched ends with rings.

Now, today, there is the variety of colours in the leather I’m using and an incredible quantity of clasps  in all different coloured metals. I love it all.

I find making the bracelets very therapeutic. I enjoy putting the two together and seeing what matches and bringing you a quality, reasonably priced bracelet that you can love too.

The leather I use is sourced from the USA. The leather is manufactured free of lea;, AZO’s; PCP; Mercury; Formaldehyde: Chromium VI and Cadmium. The leather also fully complies with all requirements of the strict German Goods Ordinance; REACTL (European Union); RoSH (UK) and CPSIA (US).

The cords are made from the centre of the hide which offers a stronger and higher quality finished product.

Wholesale inquiries are welcome.


Brisbane • Sunshine Coast • Gold Coast
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